What a horrible way to start of the season!!!

Ok, Michigan is my favorite team in the NCAA. In fact that's the only school I really considered playing football for, but thats off topic. I don't know what's going on with them this season. They seam to have lost their touch. Or are they just rusty? I have no clue. I just know that they need to do something in these next couple of games if Mike Hart and Chad Henne plan to be drafted into the NFL in 08.

They play Notre Dame this week and that should be the game they start turning things around. Notre Dame is no better then Michigan so far this season. It's to early in the season to really decide who is better. Notre Dame no longer has Brady Quin. So things should be interesting in the passing game with how poorly the Wolverine defense has been playing. Chad Henne is out for this game so the passing game should be pretty interesting there also. Honestly I think both teams should depend on their running game. You never know though. A young QB may come in and show that he should be starting.

Thoughts and Opinions are requested. If you want to talk about your favorite team and what their doing so far this season and the weeks to come. Please feel free to post them. I know I iwll be talking more about the Wolverines. You may even see something about the Sooners sometime.