alright i know i did something like this before but i want to spread the word about this band. i saw them at Augustfest in Lake County Fair Grounds in IL. i bought their album and i have to say that it is a great rock album that anyone can enjoy. they resemble Trapt, Puddle of Mudd, Seether, or even Disturbed for that matter. they have a heavy guitar riff sound and melodic vocals that are mesmerizing. they also have a keyboardist that adds to the already unbelievable sound. for anyone a fan of rock music in general, u will enjoy this band. if u do not then too bad for u. their myspace is - Midnight To Twelve - Los Angeles, California - Rock / Alternative / Indie - i suggest buying the record cuz they were the best band at Augustfest by far and worth spending the money for a record. they also had a song on One Tree Hill i believe. the first single Slam was on it. might be some other show but i'm quite sure it was One Tree Hill. anyways, show this band some respect cuz they deserve it and they have mine. if anyone else has heard of them or heard their music please comment and say what u think of them.