"Come with us now on a magical journey through time and space."
"To the world of the Mighty Boosh"

So, has anyone else seen or heard this master peice? It's a Comedy written by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding and has been on Stage, Radio and the TV.

It is quite weird when you first see it, but it soon becomes normal and a lot of their ideas are amazingly original. In the first series (TV) they have some cool characters such as Black Frost: who's so could he can freeze a man in a second. You try to scream and BF freezes in mid-air as an icy tangle and ofcourse, Charlie: a man made up of chewed peices of Bubblegum and can unleash his terrifying Hubba Bubba Nightmare.

I also heard it on late night radio and thats how I became hooked to such a derranged conception. In one episode they have a Daemonic Prawn with pitch black eyes that can stare into your very soul.

My favourite character has still gotta be Naboo the Shaman