According to is a chinese movie news site), Zhang Yimou's new epic Curse of the Golden Flower has been completed and test reviews have been given, now small journalists are praising the movie as one of his best works, however according to the Hollywood Reporter, his latest movie is misses the mark in terms of directing.

What strikes me interesting is that one of his gripes is the fact that the action sequences many done in CGI, detract from the movie and action scenes because of too many people on the battlefield. My point is, Zhang Yimou is not known for his action flicks nor for his action sequences, he is known for directing sheer epics with complex and beautiful storylines and color

The question is, do American movie critics or the American public in general expect all chinese movies to be like Hong Kong action movies or can we reach a time when people accept directors for their vision of the story, not actions

forgive me for being long, but I needed to set-up the question

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