I just went to gig tonight with my friend jamie we werent expecting much as it was just a bunch of local bands and the tickets were only £6 but i didnt think anything of it becuase i had heard good things from these bands.

We went through all of the tedious waiting in line for 45 minutes which is to be expected at gigs but when we got in and the music started no-one moved it was wierd . here i was listening to the these heavy screamo bands playin their hearts out (most of them literally the friggin emo's) and no-one was moving. i thought maybe because they were only a humble supporting act that they just failed to impress... but no the only hint of movement that i saw in the crowd was the constant running of fingers through hair to make sure air con didnt mess it up. dont get me wrong they enjoyed it. i know this becuase at the end of every song there was a half-hearted cheer but i mean how can you enjoy a gig like that by just watching it???

whatever happened to the humble mosh pit, that vulgar display of violence and energy that i love so much...

i hope its not gunna be like that when i see avenged sevenfold.