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Thread: The most informing movie?

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    The most informing movie?

    I'm sure you've all seen at least one or two of these; Black Hawk Down, Flags of our Fathers, Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda, Schlinder's List, Ghandi and others.

    Well these movies weren't all meant for your simple entertainment. They were created to show you in as much detail and accuracy as possible what really happened/occured in these places, times and to these people in a way that wouldn't make you snore.

    So if you have seen more than one, which gave you the most shocking/valuable information?

    For me it is a tie between Flags of our Fathers and Schlinder's List. Both are delivered in breath taking quality and intrigued me the most out of any informational movie I have seen. This is because those two showed me things I really had no idea about, whereas I had some idea about the other movies.

    Don't get me wrong about Schlinder's List. I know plenty (arguably more than the average person) about the Holocaust, but what I didn't know is that there were people who tried to help the Jewish and non-Jewish victims of WWII in such a valiant, clever way. It was very astonishing. And for Flags of our Fathers I had no idea that the infamous picture of the flag raising at Iwo Jima was in fact a replacement flag. This was also very shocking to me since the entire US practically rallied around this single image to find motivation to keep fighting (and even still today) yet we remain ignorant of what was actually transpiring during the time the picture was taken (but in my opinion knowing that the flag was indeed a replacement would hardly take away from the sentimental value of the image).
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    Re: The most informing movie?

    Saving Private Ryan...lol

    That movie really showed how wars were really like, and not only that, it was very graphic as well.

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    Re: The most informing movie?

    "Tears of the sun" showed a small piece of the horror and violance that engulfs much of africa, and still does...its ashame that such evils are allowed to exist.
    "Band of Brothers" showed the hell that Easy company went thru in WW2, what sacrifices were made in the name of freedom. sacrifices in both minds and bodys..
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