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Thread: *Music and emotions*

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    Re: *Music and emotions*

    Oh yes I agree. Empire by Kasabian gets me riled up.
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    Re: *Music and emotions*

    Quote Originally Posted by Hold.Me.X.Thrill.Me View Post
    I couldn't think of a good enough title sorry ^^;;

    Music is a powerful tool, it can make us feel emotions involuntarily and colour our moods, in addition it can affect our perceptions and generate a behavioural pattern.

    So when you listen to music what do you feel?

    Music evokes emotions, it is an indisputable fact.. but is there anyone who feels completely neutral to music?

    What type of music makes you feel a certain way? For egsample, lullabys can make people feel tired, the soft beat and the repition can lull a child to sleep.

    Please share your thoughts ^^

    Sorry if this topic has been done before..
    i feel anger alot and really sad sometimes. the music i listen to is Dream Theater, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth and so on. the music i listen to helps me draw my art and to writw poetry that is very well... heartfelt or emotional. that is me though.
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