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Thread: Music or Song?

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    Re: Music or Song?


    I Never thought about it.

    I guess ahh.. Music, I could always listen to music, but you have to understand some songs are nothing without there music. Like if I am humming along a song, everyone knows what I am humming. There's only so many times I've hummed "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor or "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" by Aretha Franklin. But these are songs that made the music as well.

    I'd choose music thou. Gosh I am going to miss those child-hood songs.
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    Re: Music or Song?

    I like songs. I need to idenitify with the lyrics. However except for Jazz music, I think its much better without lyrics, just the sound of the expressive music is all you need with Jazz.

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    Re: Music or Song?

    Well, I hope this can give you a hint of what we are talking about:
    Song: a song is a musical composition that contains vocal parts ("lyrics") that are performed ("sung"), song is music with vocals or lyrics which are sung by singers.
    Music: is an art form whose medium is sound organized in time, music is usually performed by musical instruments, music is a composition without vocals or lyrics(words).
    In short: music is song without lyrics/words or song is a music with lyrics/words

    & what I'm asking is:
    Which you prefer or like more: Music or Song?
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    Re: Music or Song?

    Quote Originally Posted by AstralMage01 View Post
    Music or Song? I'm talkin' about vocals or no vocals or more likely lyrics or no lyrics; Which do you prefer or listen to more?
    For me I like & listen to music more than songs; coz I value good tones & melodies more than words, I listen to all sorts of music, I actually listen to anything which has good melody, but I don't mind listening to songs with good tones, beats, vocals & words; the overall piece is what I look into

    How about you guys? & ladies ofcourse!
    I thought about this very many times .. in the end i reached to the conclusion that music affect my mood many more times than songs ,because the different music melodies change a lot in my thinking towards the positive or the negative side ,there was even times that music helped me cheer up when getting into deep troubles .. music to the end.
    But of course i'd like to hear hell lot of songs as well ,i mean the tone of the singer voice many times affect me as well affecting the style the words being said.
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    Re: Music or Song?

    i more prefer song than music cause some of the lyrics in a song could be meaning to something...maybe that happen in our daily life...but i don't really like soft kinda song...i more into the rock,punk,jpop or jrock...dance...kinda song...

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    Re: Music or Song?

    it depends on what it is.
    i like to listen to alot of songs, but that have meaning about something. But more of rock, metal, alter., that goes more into a meaning about something and you can relate to.

    but i prefer music since it can change from one tempo to the next like someones emotions. it can be calming to exciting, happy to sadness. while lyrics of a song can do the same thing, i find that even if they have lyrics i tend to go into more of the music and listen to that than the words of the song.

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    Re: Music or Song?

    I like song. Most of the times, when i listen to a song, its the lyrics that grab my attention the most. Not that I don't mind a catchy tune...

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    Re: Music or Song?

    I personaly like alternative lyrics like City of evil by Avenged. butt i love non lyrics cus you can get in the music. lol

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