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Thread: Music You Are Listening To Right Now

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    Music You Are Listening To Right Now

    I've searched for a post like this one, but didn't find one. Figured I'd start one, and I hope I don't get in trouble.

    1. No spam. Please wait at least thirty minutes before posting again, if no one else has posted.
    2. Post like this: "Title of song" - Band ?:??
    3. Song must be at least three minutes long.

    I'll start with a good song.

    "All Falls Down" - Nassau Chainsaw 4:15

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    Re: Music You Are Listening To Right Now

    Ah we did have "What are you listening to now?" threads before. But After numerous sequels and quite a few extremely long threads we decided to let it rest for a good while.

    To be honest, the new edition of WAYLTN is probably coming soon. The rules will be a bit more strict than yours though. It's essentially a spam thread after all.

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