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Thread: My first love

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    My first love

    My boyfriend dumped me and I need some advice. I cheated on him 2 and he counts a 3rd time that didn't really happen. I love him more then I have ever loved anybody and I've made some stupid mistakes.

    The first time, early April, it was with some guy that my family knew, he was the only person at the after prom party that was paying any attention to me. I started to flirt with him, but not in a sextual way, in a playful way. You know like teasing and not really meaning it. Well he started to kiss me, really kiss me. I was confused and let it slide. Then he started to be very sextual, I told him that I had a bf and to stop. I even turned my back on him. He came around and started to kiss me again, I didn't want to hurt him because he was a family friend and so I tickled him. After about 30 minutes of him not leaving me alone, I finally told him that I had to go find my friends. Luckly I did find some semi-friends and left this guy, he followed me and I ignored him for the rest of the night.

    The second time, late April, was a party with 8 girls and 2 boys, my bf included. The party was getting boring and so we decided to play spin the bottle. At first everything was all innocent, kisses on the cheek, hugs, stuff like that. But then there was this one girl and I started making out with her, well it more like she was making out with me. I went along with it because it was something new to me, a chick. It was different, new, exciting. My bf got really mad at me for making out with her, he wanted me to make out with him and I was kindof ignoring him. I know, I know really bad on my part.

    The third time, in August, this boy, one of my friends, comes over to me and ask me "If you didn't have a bf would you date me?" I didn't want to say no and hurt his feelings and at the same time I didn't want to say yes because of my bf. I told him maybe. He looked really happy and I thought to myself "utoh, what did I just do?" The next day he comes up to me, gives me our daily hugs and says "Will you be my school time gf? I really like you and I know that you have a bf, that's ok with me. I just want somebody at school. Your bf doesn't have to know." Now this boy is cute, I like him too, but only as a friend. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I thought to myself "Why not? He's cute, it would only be for school. I really only think of him as friend. Who could it hurt?" (During this time, August, my bf and I weren't hanging out all that much. I was feeling hurt and left out and I decided to take revenge and get that attention I wasn't getting from him from somebody else). So I said yes to this boy. He gave me a hug and as we were coming out from this hug, before I knew what was happening, he kissed me real quick on the lips. I felt nothing, it felt like I was kissing a family member.

    I was stupid and told my bf what had happened, by the way this boy and I broke up 3 days later, and now my bf wont talk to me. He's now my xbf and he is seriously considering never talking me again or ever consider going back out with me again. I love my bf and I want to marry him some day within the next year or so. I really love him, he's the only guy I want. The only one that can make me feel the way that I do. It's love, real, true love. I don't know what to do. Can any one help me and give me some advice? You people now know the whole story and I hope you guys can give me some good advice. Please help me.


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    Re: My first love

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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