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Thread: My own Ergo Proxy dub

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    My own Ergo Proxy dub

    Ok here is my first attempt at dubbing my own music over an anime movie,let me know what you think sorry about the big download but it was originaly over 300 megabytes ive used the vid compressor on it to get it to 134 megabytes,anyway enjoy i hope
    Name: Shinsen Subs Ergo Proxy Overdubbed with Space Temple music.rar
    Size: 134MB
    Description: Shinsen Subs Ergo Proxy overlayed with Space Temple music by NatMoon
    The download link is: SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service

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    Re: Ergo Proxy

    This isn't really about the EP manga.
    Moving to Sensory Pleasures and editing the title...

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