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Thread: The Net's Best Video (Must explain your choices)

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    The Net's Best Video (Must explain your choices)

    The internet. Much more than pornography and 1337speak.

    Some rare gems have surfaced in the form of internet videos and most of them deserve some recognition. What do you think are the best videos?

    I have two choices:
    1. The Juggernaut, B***h: As many people know, some of the funniest things in the world are unscripted. And this is exactly the case with this video. Nowhere else will you see such an unprecedented combination of Xmen and street talk.

    2. Bro Rape: One of my personal favorite videos from the comedy troupe Derrick. The acting is phenomenal, and the reactions from the bro rapists get funnier with every repeat watch.

    So, remember explain your choices.
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    Re: The Net's Best Video (Must explain your choices)

    The Flying Car (either the animated or original). It is so, incredibly funny. I couldn't stop laughing. The ending is the best.

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