Hello everyone i just recently found new information about an arcade game called Initial-D ver. #4, i just had this question if anyone has tried it or played it for one entire day and how was your experience in playing this newest version of all time.

To start off i will answer to give a few ideas on how to answer, my experience into playing this Initial-D arcade was totally different from the other versions in this recent events when i was playing the game i noticed it had a whole new set of cars as well it included new characters as well a new mode but i cannot remember what it was.

The other thing about my excperience that i had a great time playing with this new Initial-D although in the beginning of this year i checked out on the oldest versions of Initial-D and i came accross with this one saying that a protoype of this verison was already been developed that it would soon caome out in the mid of 2008, but the result of it was that it came out too soon.