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Thread: NFL Football

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    Re: NFL Football

    Quote Originally Posted by Legend View Post
    Sorry guys, been busy with work and school and PUKING! cuz the Niners played like shit.

    I'll get to the picks ASAP, or if you can help me figure it out Mecha that would be great too.
    Sorry for the lateness guys, but this weeks winner: MECHAZAWA!!!

    He won by tie breaker of choosing NO as the high score this week. 59ways you gotta be more careful, you chose the ATL game twice and did not make a pick for the Jacksonville game. As a result I did not give you any point leading to the tie and tiebreaker lost.

    I will merge the two posts after someone else replies.

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    Re: NFL Football

    yeah i agree with Mechazawa im a COLTS fan too they rule the others arent that good so go go COLTS

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    Re: NFL Football

    I'll take these to beat the spread and win except the pats game, they'll squeak away.

    Arizona over Cincinnati
    Cleveland over Baltimore
    Dallas over Washington
    Green Bay over Carolina
    Houston over New Orleans
    Indy over Kansas City
    Jacksonville over San Diego
    Oakland over Minnesota
    Buffalo over New England (Pats will probably win though)
    NY Giants over Detroit
    Philly over Miami
    Pittsburgh over NY Jets
    Chicago over Seattle
    San Francisco over St Louis
    Tampa Bay over Atlanta
    Tennessee over Denver

    High- Dallas
    Low- NY Jets

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