Here is another show I believe is worth watching. It is shown on the channel G4. Compared to the reality shows here at the US, Ninja Warrior eats them for lunch. It is a competition that takes place annually in Japan, where 100 participants would try to test their skills against 4 stages of different obstacles. These obstacles are often very tough and requires great physical condition.

In its 18 years in existence, there has only been two people to successfully pass all four stages. Besides the real contenders, there are also a bunch of "characters" that join the competition every year. You get everything from a Japanese version of Bruce Lee, a buff transsexual that works as a night club dancer, female news anchors, and even host of game shows (imagine Alex Trebek from Jeopardy! in the competition).

Sasuke (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here's a video of Makoto Nagano, a ship captain who is a regular on the Ninja Warrior show...

YouTube - Ninja Warrior: Makoto Nagano

And yet another video of a failed try...

YouTube - Ninja Warrior Stage 3 part 2