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For me it would be Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell'
We really need make Cowboys From Hell the new national anthem. Star-Spangled Banana was okay in its day but Cowboys From Hell echoes the modern sentiment.

I've got four albums that are constantly playing on my mp3 player:

A Beautiful Lie -30 Seconds To Mars
Futureperfekt -VNV Nation
Pheremones- Boole

I've been listening to Futureperfekt and Pheremones pretty much nonstop for about 2 years now. Both albums are some high-quality Industrial/EBM music.

30 Seconds to Mars is a band fronted by actor Jared Leto and A Beautiful Lie is the most "emo" album I've purchased since I bought The Cure's Disintigration over 15 years ago. It's some catchy music.

Wolfmother is an Australian trio that sounds like a throwback to the late 60's/early 70's rock groups like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mountain, Cream, etc. Wolfmother is hands-down the best rock album I've bought in a long time.