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Thread: Novels, and Authors

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    Novels, and Authors

    there are some great novels and authors out there, who are your favourite and explain why

    me i have 2 fav authors, Stpehen King, and Dean Kootnz, they are great novelists of the horror genre and are both quite famous(and they have had some of their books made into movies)
    my fav books by them are The funhouse(DK) Rose Madder(SK) tick tock(DK), Intensity(DK)and Secret Window, Secret Garden(SK)

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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    I read lots of books, almost all sci-fi from a hand full of authors. David Drake, S.M.Stirling, David Weber, John Ringo. When i get into an authors writing style i end up buying all of their books...so i keep runing out of new books or waiting till one of these guys finaly puts out something new...it gets kinda expensive after a while but hey...who cares...and theres just way too many to list with this many authors.
    i like Kootnz too, but not really into that horror mysterly novels, "Lightings" is still one of my favorites
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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    im gonna have to go with bram stoker because he has alot
    of novels that really are good page turners the snakes pass ,
    though the one that made him famouse i think was dracula

    He was born on November 8, 1847 at 15 Marino Crescent—then as now called "The Crescent"—in Clontarf,[1] a coastal suburb of Dublin, Ireland. His parents were Abraham Stoker (born in 1799; married Stoker's mother in 1844; died on October 10, 1876) and the feminist Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornely (born in 1818; died in 1901). Stoker was the third of seven children.[2] Abraham and Charlotte were members of the Clontarf Church of Ireland parish and attended the parish church (St John the Baptist located on Seafield Road West) with their children; where both were baptised. Until he started school at the age of seven—when he made a complete, astounding recovery—Stoker was an invalid. Of this time, Stoker wrote, "I was naturally thoughtful, and the leisure of long illness gave opportunity for many thoughts which were fruitful according to their kind in later years."

    After his amazing recovery, he became a normal young man even excelling as an athlete at Trinity College, Dublin (1864–70), from which he was graduated with honors in mathematics. He was auditor of the College Historical Society and president of the University Philosophical Society, where his first paper was on "Sensationalism in Fiction and Society". In 1876, while employed as a civil servant in Dublin, he wrote theater reviews for The Dublin Mail, a newspaper partly owned by fellow horror writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. His interest in theatre led to a lifelong friendship with the English actor Henry Irving. In 1878 Stoker married Florence Balcombe, a celebrated beauty whose former suitor was Oscar Wilde. The couple moved to London, where Stoker became business manager of Irving's Lyceum Theatre, a post he held for 27 years. The collaboration with Irving was very important for Stoker. Through him he became involved in London's high society, where he met, among other notables, James McNeil Whistler, the Cathartist poet Frances Featherstone and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In the course of Irving's tours he got the chance to travel around the world.

    They had one son, Irving Noel Stoker who was born 31 December 1879.

    Bram Stoker was cremated and his ashes placed in a display urn at Golders Green Crematorium.[1] After Irving Noel Stoker's death in 1961, his ashes were added to that urn. The original plan had been to keep his parents' ashes together, but after Florence Stoker's death her ashes were scattered at the Gardens of Remembrance.
    thats a little abit about him and here is a list of other books
    he did that could look into if you can find a copy of it i got a
    updated version whcih was cool but it was revised so much
    im not sure how much of the story is from the origanel.

    here is the is by the wayThe Primrose Path (1875)
    The Snake's Pass (1890)
    The Watter's Mou' (1895)
    The Shoulder of Shasta (1895)
    Dracula (1897)
    Miss Betty (1898)
    The Mystery of the Sea (1902)
    The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903)
    The Man (AKA: The Gates of Life) (1905)
    Lady Athlyne (1908)
    Snowbound: The Record of a Theatrical Touring Party (1908)
    The Lady of the Shroud (1909)
    Lair of the White Worm (1911

    im not sire of thats all of them but this is the list i found
    and also this list is the books i know about so there could be
    more from him
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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    I love reading. And do read when given the chance.
    Here are some good reads along with the authors:
    The Alex Cross Series by James Patterson because I find them a very good read. The saga of a DC profiler/detective, turned later as FBI representative, solving dilemmas from heinous murders to problems in his own family.

    Patriot Games by Tom Clancy,is also enjoyable. It focuses on CIA agent Jack Ryan saving the royal family from an IRAattack, whilst on holiday. Now, he becomes a prime target for a vengeful Irish terrorist. The book seems more clearer than the film.
    Harry Bosch Series by Michael Connolly is another set of unable-to-put-down books focusing on the cases of a LAPD Detective. I can compare it similiarly to James Patterson's Alex Cross series.

    Chosen Prey by John Sandford is also a good read, though I can't remember much about it.
    Jurassic Park & The Lost World by Michael Crichton are about as better and different compared to their movie counterparts.

    James Bond Series by Ian Fleming since I already liked James Bond, but these were superb, if not slightly aged.
    Zero Minus Ten, The Facts of Death, High Time To Kill, The Man with the Red Tattoo by Raymond Benson because they are the somewhat more recent adventures of 007. And were written well, that it did not stray too far from the Fleming formula.
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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    Right now I have two fav authors. One is Stehenie Meyer and the other is Annette Klause.

    Meyer writes a really good famous book called Twilight. the sequall new moon and another book that is in the point of view from one main charecter Edward Cullen.

    Klause writes books about vampires and ware wolves. One of the books that I actually just finished yesterday (yay me0 is The Silver Kiss which is a vampire book.
    And another book of hers that I have just started called Blood Chocolate. and this one is about ware wolves.

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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    My favourite novel author is a Lavian author called Blaumanis, he has a lot of great, philosophic novels... I adore most of them, they make you think about things like life, death, love, hate, drinking, slavory etc.
    My favourite novel of all times would be his novel "In the Shadow of Death"- it's about fisherman who were torn away from cilivisation when a part of ice broke off from the sea shore... Blaumanis tells about how they live on that moving ice iland for quite a long time, how they drink the blood of their horses to stay alife and at the end, how they fight and so on...
    And at the end, when someone comes to rescue them, there is place for everyone but one of them, they draw lots and a little child gets the unlucky draw... but an older man sacrifises for this child and stays on the ice still driffting futher in the water.
    It's a great novel abot how people act in tough situations, Blaumanis has perfectly showed their personalities and how their characters affect their future and chances of surviving... I remember there was one who couldn't stand it and jumped in the water, trying to swim to the shore... it was sad...
    I read it a long time ago but still remember it and remember how sad it all was... it greatly affected me...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    I like almost anything by either Mary or Carl Higgins Clark. I love mysteries. I just finished Daddy's Little Girl and then Two Little Girls in Blue. Both suspenseful and have a surprise ending. I like some romance novels but I'd rather write them than read them.

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    Re: Novels, and Authors

    Just about everything suits my taste now and again, it is just what I am in the mood for.

    Favorite Authors: Anne Rice, R.A. Salvatore, Dean Koontz, Orson Scott Card, and Margarette Weis.

    Favorite Book: Anne Rice - Victorio the Vampire/ R.A. Salvatore - The Dark Elf Trilogy/ Dean Koontz - Intensity/ Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game/ Margarette Weis - Dark Heart

    I have always considered fantasy and horror with a splash of psych my two favorite genres. Since growing up watching Freddy Krugar and Hellraiser were a must, I can't deny a certain calling towards relating entertainment.

    Vampires and anything involving them has fascinated and captured my heart since I was a toddler. Even though I detest anything that involves the act of harming a woman(even hesitating to help), I still couldn't get past Dean Koontz's work. The man is a genius in my opinion, and even though my first book was probably the worst possible title in his collection, I still found it number one for writing and impact. Science fiction has never really interested me that much, because I find the usual unknown advancement in technology annoying and frustrating at times. Even though, Ender's game and the series of Ender was absolutely magnificent. It was quite imaginative and fantastical.

    Dark Heart, I have read probably 26 times I believe. I have read it nearly to the point of disgust. Of course the thing still pleases me when I want to familiarize myself with a character and find a world still very questionable and unkown to me. A dragon of the modern world in the guise of a human; badass with some kickass. Death, sex, and gore are some pretty good combo's.

    Emotionally packed and full of faith, I can't get enough of these. Naming favorites is an annoying request for me since there are so many I could name off. Naming off so few is unfair to me.

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