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Thread: Odin Sphere

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    Odin Sphere

    ^o^ wassup! i was just wondering if any of the AOers have picked up this awesome 2-D action side scroller from ATLUS! it came out for the PS2 a couple weeks ago!

    i personally think it's amazing! the thrid demension is not missed at all! the designs are beautiful, and all the characters have their own fun and stunning moves to desimate enimies! and unlike other RPG games, items can actually turn the tides of battle! you find yourself using various techniques against enimies that feel like actual battles instead of button mashing! good stuff~!

    it's a fairy tale divided into 5 chapters, and in each chapter you play as a different character in a different part of the story... and these aren't crappily written here, these stories feel like a lot of time and care was put into them! they sound like real fairy tales! some good stuff here people!

    Odin Sphere - GameStop.com <-- here's for more details about game play and techincal stuff!

    as you can tell, i think it's a fabulous game and kicks 3D grafix **ores to the curb!

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    Re: Odin Sphere

    Well, as YOU already know Abu, I'm not even through the first chapter.

    But I will however say that the graphics in this game is stunning indeed. In this day and age some people wont even turn to 2D side scroller action RPG anymore but this game is different. The graphics are beautiful!! As already mentioned its a "story" of each character and the graphics honestly give it the "story" like feel to it. =w=

    Also the cast of the voice actors/actresses is amazing!! Both the English and Japanese dialogue is available and the JP cast...(T^T)

    Gameplay is simple yet its intense!! A variety of skills and items can change the tide of battle in any situation!!

    ...man, I gotta get further into the game to be able to say more.
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