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Thread: Online or offline games?

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    i like both...i enjoy being able to sit at home and have a good play with my games and enjoy alone time, but I also love getting on line and laughing and playing and meeting new people.

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    Ok this is quite an important question for me. I have an answer in my head but is it turely what i belive? I am going to say online. Here are my thoughts.

    Online is great and can never lose it's fun of the game unless you get bored of it. It is endless and you don't need to worry about any story lines or anyhting about or of that concept. If the game is not multiplayer this overtakes it and replaces it with online against people across the world. It's such great fun and i could never get bored of it as a person, yes take short break but no more than that. However. The downfalls appear to online gameing. If you are a holder of an X-BOX360 (BOOO) You may not get the problem as much as you do on a Playstation three format. LAG is a really big problem with online, if you are unsure of what lag is, lag is a game loading inside a game when it should be loaded. If you understand what i mean. It's where all the screen goes all jerky and play is paused for a split second and then reboots again. On a game called Motorstorm lag is very annoying. You see a car ahead of you jerking everywhere. You try to overtake it and it's jerk smashes into your vechile making you randomly flip and exploding even though nothing actually happened. On the opponents screen they will just see you blow up randomly because they don't know that they are lagging. This is a problem with online but don't worry it dosenn't happen all the time and it at least happens once on every online console. Another problem is Paying. This is a X-Box only feature so don't blame Sony. You have to pay i think £40.00 a year to just play online gameing. When on the PS-Three it's well...FREE! (notice the conflict). This is why i voted for Online. Does this mean Offline is really bad?

    Now offline is the orignal game play and plan. With a great storyline and usually often better graphics than online. I will once again use Motorstorm as an example. On an Online race yoou may ride bikes and part of the system of riding bikes is punching players off them, it's so fun. However when you actually go to punch them off instead of actually well...punching them off it waits a few seconds then they fall of their bikes, making you unsure wheater to if you actually did punch them off. Now on an offline race against the computer opponnents as soon as you swing and hit they will fall of immediatley making it easy for you to ride on scared that they didn't fall off and hit you back. This is also a concept of LAG and on offline no lag is found because the game is fully loaded. The downward side of offline is that when you have completed the game then thats it. All the fun has been sucked out of the game and it's time to move on. Yes you can replay the levels but whats the point? You know what to do know what to do now, you know where to go and how to get there. It kind of ruins the total fun out of the gameing experience. Even though the game itself is so brilliantly planned compared to online, it still isn't perfect. Thats why i vote for online game play as this is much greater and their is endless fun unlike the real game.

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    Thumbs up Re: Online or offline games?

    I say i like offline games better.online games are begining to get boring and washed up.It really sux because i think that being able to play a game and talk to people around the world it a really good idea but it gets boring when theres not that much stuff to do on the game then it becomes nothing but a chat room to me and thats not really a game Or fun.I tihnk offline games are better because you can challenge certian people or you can play to your self.And in offline games you dont usally do the same thing over and over and over and over again.Thank god.Plus in alot of online games u use the key bored and/or the mouse and that reall pisses me off.With offline games you get to use a controller.(Wii,GC,360,X-box,N64,Sn,Nes,ect.)This is a great feature of offline gaming.Plus,For me this is great,You knida know what your getting your self into when you start the game.Like What the games about.That all i have to say....its alot.

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    I'm Honestly 50-50 at this point. I'm just starting to get into online games, and I like them because they give intresting new styles of gameply not in singleplayer and you fight against people of your own skill level, because sometimes the A.I. are just TOO dumb in single player. It gives me a good challenge.

    As for singleplayer, they keep me going usually because of their long lengths and multiple difficulties and the fact there's an actual story with a nice set goal in mind. The thing you do in those missions can just be breathtaking sometimes. And that's my opinion.
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    Re: Online or offline games?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    I have played a crapload of online multiplayer games over the years and now that it's getting a huge popularity boost I'm actually bored with the concept.
    I've returned to single player games almost exclusively these days. They give me much more enjoyment.
    You're right about that,last few years online games had a very big popularity
    In my area there was a game called silkroad which had the most popularity,my mates were silkroad freaks!
    not only my mates,if you enter cybercafes you must found at least one person playing this game,even the cyber owners play online games all the time

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    im stuck in the middle.
    i love being able to work by myself in an offline game
    but i also love to be able to play online. kinda why i love xbox live cause now i can add it together. specially with halo. woot woot.

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    I'd have to go Online gaming myself. And not the crappy console gaming either.

    PC gaming is where it's at. Plus, I don't care what anyone says, if you want a real challenge at a game, play it online versus other people. People will always be more random and spontaneous than AI will ever be.

    It's pretty funny actually, I'm more tuned towards online play than single-player, so I actually tend to suck at single-player games. I can watch my friends play Halo 3, and they don't do much but rush in different places and just start shooting around. When I take over the controls, I tend to take it step by step and go too slowly (too used to Counterstrike lol).

    I don't have the time, patience, or will to sit in front of a TV or computer screen all day trying to beat a game, but I certainly can jump on once in awhile for an hour or two and play quick, simple online gaming.

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    Re: Online or offline games?

    I sued to be really, really sucked into online games... But then, all the moronic gabble going on, gah... It's not like online gaming has never had its share of idiots, but now, it's just reaching new heights. Makes me sick... Along with that, I've also begun getting bored with online games. Yes, there are many diverse people out there, but the same sort of imbeciles over, and over and over again... Perhaps I'm too perfectionist?

    With offline games, you don't have server crashes. The only idiots are the AI bots, and fortunately, the games I've played don't have too senseless characters. Unless I make them senseless, like in The Sims... Also, more time seems to be spent developing the actual game rather than moderating and managing the servers... I've noticed that the online games I've played tend to have more glitches than the offline games, you know what I'm sayin'? [end Will Smith impression] And like others have said, the ratio between offline games with a good storyline and online games with a good storyline... Offline games wins definitely.
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