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    My parents retired and moved to Juno, where Mom was born, and we live in Florida, so it is hard to get together. Luckily for us, they come down for Christmas. But for birthdays and Easter and Thanksgiving, we meet online. It is a ritual—first we used to talk over speakerphone, and the kids just loved that. Then we started video chats. But most places like chatablanca and others aren’t secure—you never know what kind of pop-up you’re going to get while you are chatting. We’ve not had any problem with [link removed], although it’s been just a month since we started. The picture is clear, and the sound is crisp. My kids recognize Dad’s voice, which is a precious gift for me. Regular people like us should really support this company.

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    Re: oovoo

    I'm glad you're able to stay in touch with your family, however...

    Advertising in any thread will result in an infraction, no exceptions. You may advertise in your signature and blog only.
    If you like, you can start a thread about family traditions and how to stay close over long distances (provided there isn't already an open thread on this topic, and no advertising of any kind). This post sounds like little more than a commercial, or at best is blog material.

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