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Thread: people on Xbox

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    Re: people on Xbox

    Ummm... they've always been rude in the xbox crowd. It's just getting "more" rude because more kids are getting 360s over time. Not only that, but the elitism has become a staple for FPS games. ...you can hardly get passed a single game without someone calling someone else a "n00b"... it's really annoying.

    But I suppose that's not what you're complaining about...

    As for camping: In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with camping for certain stages in certain games.
    As long as there's a way around the campers and a way to retaliate: Camping is perfect.
    Skills don't just mean runnin' dodgin' cover-to-cover gunnin'. Sniping and predicting are also skills. ...you don't see snipers in real life running around, and you definitely don't see people being completely careless as to where they're going (aka: it's not that often people run into traps in war, it's actually very rare compared to how many firefights there are, even against guerrilla warfare).

    Just be wary of every 'campsite' there is. Grenade 'em out, use explosions- smoke- and cover fire for distracting, flank every side imaginable while still making unpredictable movements so that a counter-flank camper misses their first shots.
    The good campers predict movements. You mess them up by doing something unpredictable or by out-predicting them.
    The bad campers just get into the usual positions their friends and allies usually go to and wait for any movement. You f*** 'em over by flanking.

    If you can't flank, distract, or outmaneuver campers, then blame the stage and blame the game. In real life, 'camping' is effective and an honest tactic, but also: in real life, there's no such thing as indestructible cover.
    If there's a "perfect" camping spot in the game and there's no way to break it: That is a HORRIBLE design.

    Eventually, if you beat campers enough times: They actually stop camping and start runnin' and gunnin'. Then it's good times.

    .......... a good example for a game that's a-ok for camping: Metal Gear Online in MGS4 (PS3, obviously). Every camp spot in the game has a blind spot. Spawn-camping isn't something you can complain about in that game: I've broken several spawn-camping positions because I WENT AROUND instead of running in there like an idiot. I even outmaneuvered the spawn camper that was positioned where I was heading out. Even tricked him up a bit.
    If you can do that in a game, then camping is A-OK.

    Last time I heard: Marines don't just "run in there", that ain't a skill.

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    Re: people on Xbox

    Just from the other side of the system, PS3 isn't any better.
    In fact, I think it's psychologically worse.
    The kids are older, and they still do every single thing mentioned negatively here.
    It's awful, I hate it.
    I remember the days of PS2 when I didn't have to put up with this crap.
    Though in full circle, I've met some amazing clanmates. So it's bearable. But barely.
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