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Thread: Persona 4

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    Re: Persona 4

    C'est magnifique!!!

    i have been waiting for P4 for such a while. i loved P3 and P3 FES so much.

    i remember the memories i had with. Staying up until 3 o'clock on school nights playing it because i could stop playing even though i had to wake up at 6 o'clock. workin at all the social links and spending all my time trying to get all the personas, especially Thanatos and Messiah.

    good times...

    one of the things i am looking forward to the most is the soundtrack. the music from P3 was incredible. im looking forward to the music that is going to be on P4
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    Re: Persona 4

    I love the Persona series. After I bought Persona 3 and started playing it, I was glad I bought it because the gameplay was awesome. It was actually the first time I have played a game produced by the Shin Megami group. I love the whole rpg mixed in with simulation type of gameplay. I think the ideas about being able to tame different personas and combining them to create a stronger one. I haven't played Persona 3 FES yet, but my friends have and they said it was excellent.

    Even though I haven't really looked into the story of Persona 4, it will probably be very good. I mean I have checked out what the opening looks like on YouTube, and it's really cool since it's the sounds are really unique. It has some alternative beats mixed in with techno and pop. The only thing I am very curious about is that weird bear character. Besides that, I am looking forward to the Persona 4 release in the US. I hope Atlus will eventually comes out with expansion pack of Persona 4, too.

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