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Thread: Phantom Brave...?

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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    Okay, could it wait til tomorrow though? Sorry, but I've really got to go offline right now, sorry.

    But I will get right to it once I am online tomorrow. And yeah, I hope that Phantom Brave Wii game comes out before too late, and hopefully I'll know more about the game soon.

    RPG Character: MetalGarurumon. Level: 86.

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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    okay, have fun sleeping!!!! Good Night!
    Please join the groups i created called "The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan." and "Metroid 10 The unknown killer." Please join my RPG thread called Sonic Chronicles 2.

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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    That game really caught your interest, hu? (:
    I did a bit of research there ...
    On wikipedia they say it's a port from the PS2 game. The predecessor on PS 2 got pretty decent ratings btw, which makes it only more appealing.
    Here are some pictures :
    Phantom Brave screens - IGN
    That's about everything I know for the moment ...
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    I have the game, for PS2.

    It's a strategy game, not a real-time one, but where you move, and then the enemy moves. The main characters already have names, and you play Ash - this 18-year-old boy, who was killed along with the main female lead's parents.

    Their strength allowed Ash to be resummoned as a Phantom, but the parents weren't strong enough to revive him completely. He and Marona have to deal with people outcasting her, as she is a Chroma, and is Possessed by Ash.

    It has a good, common storyline, or stopping a monster from destroying the world. After completion, the game continues, and you can unlock more Phantoms to summon. You get to name them. You can also go to dungeons, and change the stats of them.

    The game is very free. Maximum level is 10,000. But to get to that, you have to combine characters and weapons. you can change their titles, from one such as "Plain" to "MyHero". So, it would be, 'MyHero EvlRckWd" (Evil Rock Weed). Weapons can be gained by Confining Phantoms onto the object, and their turns running out.

    All in all, it's a very good game. Too much more to explain, so, yeah...

    Give it a try. I haven't played Disgaea, but you can unlock characters from that...

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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    Ah yes I have Phantom Brave for the PS2 I like it just don't have te time to really get to playing it,it's a stratagy RPG but you might have noticed that with the screenshots heheh.

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    Re: Phantom Brave...?

    I've had the game since it came out for the PS2 (US release, of course).

    Alestine basically summarized it.
    It's a rather good game if you're into Strategy RPGs.
    Of course here's the thing: Did you LOVE Disgaea?
    Like, married it and had children love.

    Because if you did, you probably won't like this game.
    I'm not exactly sure why, there's not real reason as to why, but for some reason die-hard Disgaea fans didn't like Phantom Brave.
    Maybe it's the idea that "It wasn't Disgaea"-reason (same reasoning DBZ:Budokai fans hate DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi)...

    Now, it's a port with some upgrades for the Wii.
    For instance, there's a new scenario, of which the original had a few (but each were long). Also, there's a new character and obviously new levels.
    If you didn't get it for the PS2, just get it for the Wii. The non-grid strategy of Phantom Brave (most Strategy RPGs have grids, Phantom Brave was one of the first to show up in the US without a grid - fully free-roaming for characters) would fit PERFECTLY for the Wiimote... in fact, all Strategy RPGs for the Wii SHOULD be non-grid.

    I, on the other hand, despite having already beat the PS2 version in 100% completeness AM STILL PLANNING TO PURCHASE THE WII VERSION.
    I <3 Phantom Brave. Ash is my favorite video game character to draw, actually. I even got a plushie of him! ^.^

    I always show support to favorite games... even if they're just ported.

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