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Thread: Playstation Home: Flop or Not?

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    Playstation Home: Flop or Not?

    OK a lot of people have been complaining about playstation home. I want to hop on here and see what you guys have to say.

    Personally I like it. Mainly for the fact that there's no true reason for the game except to use it as a means of networking and meeting new people. Pretty much like a virtual myspace. Everyone is complaining about it, but I don't know why. It is still in beta phase. It's just that it's in open beta now lol. Everyone wants it to be perfect, but they refuse to understand that beta is a way of helping the devolpers figure out what's going to be the final product.

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    Re: Playstation Home: Flop or Not?

    Someone must have the statistics somewhere. How many people are using it on average etc.

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    Re: Playstation Home: Flop or Not?

    I play Home a lot actually I enjoy beating other people on chess, but I could get why people can stress sometimes since not all people have a keyboard and it could be rather long typing them out but the virtual keyboard.

    But besides that Home is a cool idea and brings quite a bit of people whenever I'm on theres at least a few hundred in the mall. So I'd have to say its not a flop they should just add more areas like the chess functions instead of 3 since I wait long periods of time to play.


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