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Thread: Podcast: Like or Don't Like Them

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    Re: Podcast: Like or Don't Like Them

    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    Like I said before in this post, that is why it is fun and entertaining to listen to, not to mention that the casts are rated, that is why I listen to the nonexplicit cast to get a more serious input on anime. then you have the explict casts that go into two groups, the first being in good fun and supposed to be taken as comedy. the other being comedic, but then getting heated with discussions about topics, even hearing heated rants that also makes it good (most of the time).

    I never heard of that cast might check it out, thanks.
    Err. . . . . Err . . . . . . .
    Oh boy
    Either I can't read or you were thinking of a very specific kind of podcast.
    Since I know I can read . . . it must be the latter

    Anyways the Onion is a news cite dedicated to giving false news. They have podcasts, actile articles, audio clips, videos, and some other stuff.
    I highly recommend checking them out. But if you are specificially looking for podcasts having to do with anime. . . . don't check out the Onion

    And for my peae of mind:

    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    This thread is about podcasts, and why you either like or dislike them. I have been thinking about this for a while because up until last year, I never really had a working internet connection, and so when I discovered podcasts, I never really knew this media existed, and so I was wondering how do you feel about them. I really like podcasts because it gives me a chance to listen to how anime has affected others and the different types of fandom involved with anime, I mean I learned about the death of Toonami from the podcasts, and how they felt about it dying like it did. the three shows I listen to are Anime World Order (all around anime, especially older anime that I would have never heard of unless I didn't hear this show), SHAFT(more modern anime), and Fast Karate for the gentlemen (awesomely bad anime), because I like how each of these podcast are different from one another in it that they each cover a thing that I enjoy about anime. But how do you feel about podcast, are theY informative, do you enjoy them, or do you think that they are a waste of time, I am not saying for you to write a list of you fav's (but if you want to then go right ahead and do so), just about how you feel about them.
    The red stuff are the key points you made. The stuff relating to anime . . . was your answer to your own question
    Yep. I can still read.

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    Re: Podcast: Like or Don't Like Them

    I dont really care for pod casts. got an old co-worker who stared doing one cant remember what it was for.
    Personaly I see podcasts as a how to / talk show you tube. Anyone can make one (with enof modivation of corse) and get big with it.
    There is even one for Playstation Home Xi (a PSN game for the PS3)

    By the way woulden't this be better suited for D and D board.
    Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!

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    Re: Podcast: Like or Don't Like Them

    I personally love podcasts. The only ones i'm subscribed to At the moment is "Around the Net", "The Feed", "The MMO Report", "Sessler's Soapbox", and "X-Play daily" podcasts, all of which are related to the G4tech TV network.

    If you like them, yay, if you don't, well, don't subscribe to them. Its not really that big of a deal.

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    Re: Podcast: Like or Don't Like Them

    I used to follow the Mega64 Podcast, but I just kind of stopped caring because... well I don't know. There wasn't really anything in it for me aside from being informed.
    Podcasts are good for getting information on your interests. If you made a show using the podcast thing that would be pretty cool. G4tv posts reviews and previews in the podcast section, so it's cool to be able to get those.

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