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Thread: psp fans

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    psp fans

    hello, people!!! are there any psp gamers aside from me?

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    Re: psp fans

    I've had lots of PSPs over the years, but I never really got into handheld games. I mostly played Yu-Gi-Oh on it, and I messed around with the Bleach: Heat the Soul series for a bit. I think any half decent PSP game should just be ported to a console and made even better. If I'm on the go, I have more important things to do than game.

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    Re: psp fans

    I play games on my PSP fairly often. I love it. Currently playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core on it again. ^_^

    I'm totally in love. Sadis + yinyangAio1 forever. <3 (Yes, we're together irl. We're engaged.) Also, if you liked/dated him, please stay off my page.

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    Re: psp fans

    i was one but now the only games i ever play are the yugioh tag force series, waiting for number 6 to be translated and release or the wipeout games
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