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I don't care if it gets fixed, there is nothing in this device that would merit the price for it or cost of service thereafter. Much like the iPod there are or soon will be other better devices for what the iPhone does. Someone just needs to break down and make a phone that WORKS for once! Screw the add ons and give me signal and a cheaper plan!

I think Hassun has a monopoly on it though, Europe and Asia gets all the good phone and us Americans get squat. Hassun how far behind Europe are we in terms of the cellphone technology? 1-2 years?
Trust me you guys are very behind. I am saying this because I have access to overseas phones. Let's not even talk about the technology, the design and features are enough to put American phones to shame. But if you are seriously want to buy an overseas one you can always look on ebay, or have someone buy it for ya. I am surprise you can't go purchase one all you need is the phone and a SIM card.