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Thread: Re-playing Video Games

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    Re: Re-playing Video Games

    How much I replay a given game mostly depends on its...wait for it...replay value.

    In general, fighting games and racing games have a lot of replay value (assuming you enjoy games that have that kind of repetitive gameplay in the first place). I still play Mario Kart (on any home console), and Super Smash Bros, and Mortal Kombat because they were meant to be replayed over and over again.

    Sandbox games or free roam adventures loan a lot of replay value for me. I played Spider-man 1 and 2 several times, just beating the crap out of baddies throughout the city, looking for secrets, completing challenges, etc. Assassin's Creed, Prototype, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto, all have great replay value if you enjoy playing around in immersive worlds and just trying different things. Some 3D Mario games have this kinda value, especially Mario 64.

    I'd say the games with the least amount of replay value are shooters and RPGs. Generally, anything that's heavily linear story driven. If you've played through any shooter's campaign once, that's usually enough. I've never run into a shooter's campaign that was so fun I wanted to do it all again (yes, even Half-Life). Sure they try to challenge you with difficulty levels, but for me that's not all that more fun. Some RPGs take so long that you're just glad to be done with them, hardly interested in playing again. The exception for me would be Zelda games, which have a sorta adventure/RPG feel which helps.

    There are some games however that regardless of genre, if you just loved that game, you'll replay it a thousand times. I beat Prince of Persia Warrior Within several times just for fun, not a game with inherently large amount of replay value either, but I just love the engine for that game. Combat is great, story dialogue is interesting, good graphics for the time, I just love the Sands of Time trilogy in general.

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    Re: Re-playing Video Games

    lol you don't need to ask this question to me XD ... i have re-playing Red Alert for 9 times one after the another .... the same for NOLF (No One Live Forever) and NFS .... and many other games and the reason why i re-playing them this much becasue every time i play them i love them more and never get bord of them heheh (evil laugh) ... =^_^=
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    Re: Re-playing Video Games

    I keep replaying over and over ...till my eyes start twitching or i get this "shocky thingy in my wrist XP

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    Re: Re-playing Video Games

    well most of my favorite games does requires you to replay it. like what i am playing right now-super robot wars z2, it needs to be replayed 4 times for a 100 completion. and that's just part 1 and there's still part 2 of the game this year.

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