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Thread: Reality shows...

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    Re: Reality shows...

    Right now they have "Megan Wants a Millionaire" which I'm I'm tired of watching all of these dating shows, however Megan is pretty funny. Plus she makes all those rich men buy her nice expensive things. Its way better than Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Daisy of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Real Chance of Love, The New York dating show and so on. None of those people are ever going to find any love, only fame and money. Which if you can't have love, fame and money helps comfort you, I suppose.

    I prefer the X-effect, because I like the concept of the show. Take a couple who used to date, and then broke up with unresolved issues. A few years later when they are dating someone else, bring them back together to see if they will choose their ex or their current boyfriend/girlfriend. All the while their current boyfriend/girlfriend's are watching them hanging out with their ex's.
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    Re: Reality shows...

    I can't stand those VH1 and MTV reality show crap. The only reality show I watch is Dog the Bounty Hunter, I actually do recaps on his episodes and post them on youtube.

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    Re: Reality shows...

    Oh god... why must there be such shows? >.< It's pathetic... It is a gate for quick and easy fame.. but.. watching people going so obsessed with it.. just makes me feel bad for the world... what has happened to the world this days?? >.<

    Top hated reality shows.... would be.. Next top model or something... American Idol (watching people crying for people they don't know seem pretty dumb to me)

    I somehow like reality shows like Survivor xD but I don't know if they are "reality" for sure
    or funny shows like Takeshi's Castle.. o.o and some other weird japanese reality shows which are pretty hilarious

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    Re: Reality shows...

    I actually can't stand any reality show other than the japanese ones (they're funny!!!) I used to like cops, but Imma thiiinkin it just gets kinda repetitive. There are only so any crimes you can commit, and only so many ways to catch the bad guy.

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    Re: Reality shows...

    I entered this thread thinking I found a lot of people that detested reality television as much as I and instead found a lot of people that watch various reality television . . . . . . .

    I've seen tidbits of the Real World and felt like I was watching life forms from some parallel universe whose main source of energy was sex and alcohol.

    Sadly I've been exposed to I Love New York on more than one occasion and I've decided that no woman that spends that much time on television should ever have unnaturally large breasts, eye lashes that can't seem to support themselves or nails long enough to be considered deadly weapons.

    I've seen some Real Housewives: Atlanta and decided that the definition of marriage and housewife have changed a hell of a lot over the years I've been living.

    I could go on but . . . in short reality television is perhaps the bane of my existence and think god I'm usually too busy to be concerned with that kind of nonsense. That deep rooted grudge makes it a lot easier as well.

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    Angry Re: Reality shows...

    All These Reality Shows are junk, I mean I thought people watch tv to escape from the real world and/or life, and why are 90% of those show are just Stupid like TV lands "How did you so Rich" and that other show about classmates get back together after 20 years. I mean who cares and don't even get me started on America idol. About the world..

    Look I Like Ninja warrior on G4 and the other japan game show on g4. But Hurl on g4 and Ghost hunters on the scifi channel, are just dumb. look the Ghost don't care to found ok people.!! 90%of America watches the shows like Zombies.. Why does every Network have to have a piece of the Reality shows

    Look TV land was a spawn or a root of Nick Because Nick at nite got to big in the shows dept, It was made to show old shows from the 60- and 70's and MTv and vh1 are music channels the were made to play Music video. look i did not the early' 1990's on mtv with all the old school cartoons like Beavis & Butt-head, and Liquid tv because that was kind of based around Music.

    Now The Cancer has now came to Cartoon network, I ask you why?
    Why is it that Every one enjoyed being a dark jedis when it comes to Tv and we have only a few lightside jedis left's

    I am sorry to be so But reality will be the Death of tv wait and see..
    Please we need a new 24 Anime channel because the combained shows
    on Syfy and Chillier's anime block and Cartoon network's anime block along with Adult swim's anime Sat/sunday all that adds to 19 hours..

    Frankly I am sick of the whole Reality Crazy.

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    Re: Reality shows...

    the other day i saw a little from a reality show XD i don't know what is was but there was cops T,T it was very pathetic >< the little time i watched of this show was very VERY enough for me XS ... and thank God that i don't watch them , well this is my opinion >< on reality shows ,and for all who like reality shows don't get mad at me @,@ ... =^_^=
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    Re: Reality shows...

    I want my REAL MTV back, where they actually played music videos and not this garbage. This makes me so pissed off. I remember when I was little and they had really good music videos going, but then they switched to "reality shows" and ever sense then they sucked!!

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