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Thread: Recall on 3.2mil Wii straps!

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    Recall on 3.2mil Wii straps!

    Well, we speculated, but it is now official. Nintendo is recalling 3.2 million Wii wrist straps. They are replacing the .024 (1/24ths) inch thick straps with .04 inch thick straps which will reportedly cost them millions of dollars. I guess you just can't count on people to figure out how to not swing objects with their sweaty hands as if in a rage. I'm curious to know as to how many pounds of pull these things can now handle compared to the old straps and if it will be enough. But I have to give Nintendo profs for standing up the plate and replacing these things before even more morons hurt themselves or people around them, or maybe they were just scared of having a lawsuit on their hands if they didn't do something.

    Your thoughts? One thing I want to know is if you think this is a case of user error or product malfunction and if Nintendo is really responsible for these losers.

    - After a few votes I'll tally them up and get a percentage of yes and no.
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