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Thread: Retro Gaming

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    Re: Retro Gaming

    blech! The only RPG I ever have and maybe ever will enjoy, yes I'll admit it, is Pokemon Red. I hate RPGs, they're boring to me.

    However, old school fighting games are where's it's at! Maybe my favorite retro fighting game of all time: Mortal Kombat II and III ultimate. I absolutely love the fatalites, the senseless blood and violence, the impossiblely difficult computers, it's great. Plus all the other standard classics: Pac-man, Asteroids, Pole Position, Super Mario Bros., Tetris. Tetris is another big favorite of mine, I could play that for hours still. Some old school games just piss me off though; for instance, I hate the old school zelda games. The only 2D zelda I ever liked was Oracle of Seasons/Ages, but even then, I didn't enjoy them until I got older and less sucky at video games.

    Some of the old shooters piss me off too. Space Invaders, Galaxia, they're fun for awhile, but most of the time, I stomp away from the game swearing at it.

    So many games...so little patience. lol

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    Re: Retro Gaming

    My retro experience started with Ultima 1, and moved right up through Bard's Tale. Spending nights hunched over the keyboard, my room sweltering from the heat given off by the massive 286 machine (with 1mb of RAM, top of the line).

    Jethro Tull would be cranked up on my cassette deck as I slew demons and saved damsels, all with cutting edge EGA graphics.

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I just really dated myself.

    Ultima's 1-3 were great, but 4 is when the series found it's stride and purpose. 5 (Warriors of Destiny), will always hold itself as one of my all time favorite gaming experiences.

    After the Ultima's I'd move on to the AD&D and Forgotten Realms goldbox games. Pool of Radiance, Dragonlance, etc... Hero's Quest set the stage for action/adventure, and who can forget Pirates!

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    Re: Retro Gaming

    First sytem... original Atari... but the best game I loved out of any of the games I had way back when was the regular nintendo. The game was Rescue: The Embassy Mission. So short though, but tons of fun when you had little time on your hands to play.

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