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Thread: Ronnie James Dio

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    Re: Ronnie James Dio

    So many gone so young. I remember when Dime Bag Darrell died. Rock takes the wrong people too young. There are no more oriinal Ramones any more. None of Hendrix's band is around anymore.

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    Re: Ronnie James Dio

    Like they say, "Every good thing must come to an end," though with rock stars, the good part's always up for debate.

    Judging by his album cover below, you might think he was one of them emancipated Marilyn Manson types, a puffed-up fellow who'd wreck hotel rooms and sock journalists in the face:

    You may not know it, but Ronnie James Dio was a rather pleasant fellow offstage. Dio was a rock star you could take home with you for Thanksgiving dinner, his wild, weathered exterior notwithstanding.

    YouTube - Black Sabbath's DIO talks to ERIC BLAIR 2002

    Rest in peace, Holy Diver.


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