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Thread: Satanic Cartoon, or Philosophy of Mark Twain?

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    Re: Satanic Cartoon, or Philosophy of Mark Twain?

    I think its an actual representation of how life is in some people's eyes. No matter what, people die and are created. They are useless and serve no purpose and only live for their own selfish existence . Its the idea that life is nothing and that people put to much thought in why we are here. This is just my view point of this video so don't get angry at me for speaking my mind. lol


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    Re: Satanic Cartoon, or Philosophy of Mark Twain?

    I can definitely see why that wasn't seen as fit for children. That could mess up a kid if they're pretty young & watching it, having some "big scary man" just break them like that, but it could also bugger them up if they're at the age where they're curious about that kinda stuff.

    Oh no, here come all those primary school classes coming back to haunt me...

    I went to a Roman Catholic primary school & naturally part of what we were taught was about the fallen angel, Satan. Seems he has a bad habit of tempting people to basically live up to the 7 deadly sins, & just to be selfish as possible. "...People are of no value. We could make more some time, if we need them..."? Offering everything you think you want? Yep, sounds like what was force fed to me in school. Surprise some of it stuck... :P

    Hmmm, Psychopath – somebody affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought & behaviour & a lack of remorse or empathy. Hmmm, aggressive, he was a bit passive aggressive at times. Violent, he did destroy the town after making it. Antisocial, the kids got scared away & he did care. He didn't care he'd destroyed the whole town they'd all made. Yep, I think all that fits the bill...

    "I can do no wrong, for I do not know what it is."

    Still makes it wrong...

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    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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