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Thread: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

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    Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    A little late with this review, since it was over a week ago since I saw it. Anyway, time for a review:

    This movie is based on a Graphic Novel series (which I haven't read). The movie was extremly entertaining (and I only expected it to be very entertaining :P). The fight scenes were amazing, there were brilliant video game references, it had a brilliant story (guy has to defeat girl's seven evil exes to win her heart), and it was pretty humourous.

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    Re: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    The movie actually stayed pretty true to the humor and central idea of the comic. I say "central idea" because their are 6 volumes and they all have at least 200 pages in them. So obviously they couldn't go into every little detail. :P

    I saw the movie three times in the theatres already. Was possibly the most fun movie of the summer. A lot of the films, (including Toy Story 3) were very suspenseful and a bit melancholy in comparison.
    My gripe was if you're not a SNES /Anime fan you might not accept or understand the film and not enjoy it for what it was. They started taking the film out of certain theatres because it did poorly in the box office (despite the great reviews it received).

    I also LOVE the SNES references:

    Sex Bob-ombs (Mario enemy Bob-omb)
    Clash of the Demon Head (SNES video game)
    Crash and the Boys (SNES video game)
    A lot of Zelda sound bits
    The portal Ramona uses in Scott's head is the exact same portal used in Super Mario 2.
    Pac-man jokes
    And the Final Fantasy 2 (which I think was legitimately FF 4, but back then FF 4 was FF2) song Scott played.

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    Re: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    I saw it awhile back, it was pretty entertaining. It reminded me of Kickass a lot, except much more quirky. I've got friends who saw it three times in theaters too, I wouldn't say it was that good, but definitely fun to watch. I surprised one of my friends whose just as big a gamer as me didn't like it, I guess he didn't like the randomness and random floating from scene to scene. His beef was he didn't know what was actually happening and what was just imaginative because of the random sequences. I personally didn't think it was that bad, but can see where he's coming from. The cookie cutter story was tweaked just enough to make it more than just another damsel in distress film, but still pretty predictable all the while. Overall though, I liked it.

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    Re: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    I highly enjoyed the movie, and actually watched it twice in theaters, on the same day. I loved how the movie stood out in the crowd, I suppose due to the geek humor, quirkiness, and clever writing. It was refreshing to see a contemporary youth movie, that wasn't dull or ignorant. The fight scenes were very entertaining, and so were some of the minor characters. 2 of the exes were hilarious to me, and the character of "Young Neil" got me to chuckle a few times too. Overall, great film, and a must see if you enjoy being entertained.
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    Re: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    Scott Pilgrim is an amazing movie. I saw it during a screening and I want to see it again so I can contribute to the movie more since it's not getting the attention and love it deserves. I just don't think it was marketed correctly and they gave out too many screening passes. But yeah, since seeing this movie I've purchased the game on XBLA and plan on buying the comics.

    I recommend this movie to anybody.
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    Re: Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World

    have not seen it my bro has tho i hear great things about it cant wait to see it!!!!! ^.^

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