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Thread: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

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    Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    Early 'Sesame Street' shows not for kids
    Published: Nov. 20, 2007 at 5:40 PM

    NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UPI) -- Volumes 1 and 2 of "Sesame Street: Old School" come with a warning stating the first episodes of the beloved U.S. series may not be appropriate for children.

    "These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grown-ups and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child," the statement said.

    The long-running series began in 1969.

    Asked by The New York Times why the warning was necessary, Carol-Lynn Parente, the show's executive producer, mentioned one installment that depicted Cookie Monster chewing on, then eating a pipe during the parody "Monsterpiece Theater."

    "That modeled the wrong behavior, so we reshot those scenes without the pipe and then we dropped the parody altogether," Parente told the Times.

    She noted that Oscar the Grouch's extreme grouchiness in early episodes doesn't set a great example, either.

    "We might not be able to create a character like Oscar now," Parente said

    For those who experienced the early shows of Sesame Street think this true? Did Sesame Street affect you in a negative way? Did it make you a worse person for having watched it. Have you, or would you allow your kids to watch the early shows?

    I remember Sesame Street fondly. Granted I am admittedly dysfunctional, but who isn't today? Dysfunctional has become the norm. I have only fond memories of shows like Sesame Street. I feel no worse the ware for it. It taught me many things I needed to know, and entertained me at the same time.

    My niece has half grown up in our household, and she watches them (old reruns & new). I have watched many of the shows she watches now, and find them much more adult.

    While the Sesame Street gang dressed like the Brady bunch, kids on her shows look like... well, like prostitutes in the making. They look, act, and talk like adults. Sometimes too adult!

    I think the people who did this study perhaps need a hobby. For adults only? Pahleeeese! What do you think? Share your thoughts and memories.

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    Next thing you know, they'll peg Mr. Rogers as a pedophile and say he's inappropriate for kids too.

    This "Protect the Children" attitude really is getting out of hand. Even as a child, I recognized that the Monsterpiece Theater sketch was spoofing the show Masterpiece Theater, and thought it was funny...it didn't make me want to start smoking a pipe. As for Oscar, were there any kids who really wanted to live in a garbage can and be a jerk just because he was? I agree, shows today are far more insinuating and closer to adult themes than Sesame Street could ever be.

    Personally, I think all of us who grew up with Sesame Street should be insulted that it's no longer good enough for today's precious little darlings, and that parents today should be insulted that no one has faith in their ability to raise their own children to be decent human beings, regardless of what they watch.
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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    it was a different time back then, and intended for a different sect of children (according to the New York Times, from the article Umbriel quoted), it was originally intended "for 4-year-old black children living in the inner city" (check out the article if you don't believe me)...

    but the only thing i saw wrong is when in the first episode, the little girl went home with a stranger... albeit, he introduced her to his wife and they all had cookies and milk, but you see where it COULD have gone. you could also imagine how that would impact our already naive kids about interactions with people you don't know...

    but, a good deal of the other complaints are just PC talk, and i don't take it seriously. far as i know, we were different back in the day and kids saw a lot more... whether that's a bad thing is debatable. i remember an old episode of Popeye, a guy wanted to kill himself cuz no one liked him and he'd pull out a loaded pistol evey five minutes. it was kinda funny, but it was something different i'll tell you that!

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    I remember watching Cookie Monster eat that pipe mentioned, and pretty much anything in sight when I was a kid, so I think that the "Warning" is utter crock.

    What was deemed acceptable then and what is acceptable now has, quite frankly, become so sugar coated and "Politically Correct" it makes me sick.

    So what if Oscar was a grouch, to me, it showed kids that there are some mean people out there or people who seemed mean, but even though he was a grouch, he does have a caring side, like how he loves his pet earth worm.

    The old school Sesame Street actually taught a hell of a lot more to children then when compared to today's incarnation. Hell, I learned my ABC's from Grover and 123's the from The Count.

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    Ah, yes . . . I sent a similar article to my friend Michelle. We are both outraged.

    I mean, I grew up comparing Masterpiece and Monsterpiece Theatre (and Michelle claims she only tried to eat ONE pipe . . . perhaps Cookie Monster was a bad influence. ).

    It's disgusting how "politically correct" things are now. Political correctness is incorrect, man!!!!!!

    (Michelle sent me this . . . I thought you would enjoy it: YouTube - Dave Chapelle - Sesame street)

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    Sesame Street has always been a kids show and frankly, anyone who wants to add that warning should be punished with a month of cleaning the streets in the nearest city.

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    WHAT?????? Thats a freak news to me!! well who published an article like this have a serious desorder!! MEN This one Kills me!! I never could find a show so funny and with a high level of education for kids!! Is that a jk?? even today i love to see my nieces and nepwes watch it!!

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    Re: Sesame Street tv show for adults? Yes/No?

    Seasame Street has really come a long way over the years. i remember when i was little Seasame was the ONLY thing i used to watch until i was 10.
    but when i decided that one day ill watch 15 mins of it it was teaching u about AIDES awareness and how to put on a condom
    it was suprising! knowing that it was sesame street that got rid of my fears of the bougey-man when i was little is now showing kids, little children about AIDS.
    Yes i agree that u have to teach the children from a certain age to say no to drugs and sexual peer pressure but i believe that the producers are straying from what sesame street is all about. its to keep the innocence of really young children in tact
    i also agree that children are already straying in this day and age but at least have one tv show that is still trying to preserve the minds of little kids.
    so yes i do think that sesame street is definately not for children anymore.

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