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Thread: Should games be more simple or complex?

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    Re: Should games be more simple or complex?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steadfast View Post
    For starters difficulty, simplicity and complexity are all different things to different people.

    For example some people find First Person Shooters too difficult to play and feel more comfortable with games like World of Warcraft. They also feel Wow is just the right amount of difficulty and challenge.

    I on the other hand find WoW to be too simplistic and if I played another mmorpg I would like it to be much more complex and challenging. By the way my favorite type of games currently are the First Person Shooters.

    As for more buttons, that depends on the game. Generally a deep strategy game is easier on the pc because it has more buttons vs. a controller on a console. Also generally FPS are easier on the pc because of the mouse and keyboard vs the controller. On the flip side, many action/adventure games are easier to use on the controller vs the keyboard.

    Last but not least one needs to take into account the players skill set in a given type of game. Highly skilled players have a different idea of complexity and degree of challenge vs. those with little to no skill.

    What I am saying is that their is no easy answer and no one type of game would satisfy all gamers.
    this is the kind of person who would make it great as a lawyer. He took the question and though about on more than one level. Not only did he address and compare pc vs console, but he also broguht into consideration gamers and their experience. I agree 100%
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    Re: Should games be more simple or complex?

    umm i don't think about it really all i think about is if this game good or not so i think games should be between simple and complex and i think that because in simple games you can enjoy playing it but the problem sometimes is in it you will see hole in the make or in the 3D or something like that ... and in the complex games you can see many details and that is a good thing but the problem is sometimes the game become imposable and use many keys it play it and that is not a good thing ... =^_^=
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