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Thread: Showdown- Jin Kazama VS Ryu

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    Showdown- Jin Kazama VS Ryu

    We all know both of these guys (hopefully) Jin Kazama, Hero of tekken, Ryu, Hero of Street fighter and master of Hadouken. my question to you all, is who would win this fight? How would he win? Why do you think this? I personally think Jin has this in the bag due to his Devil form, but then again, Ryu has Satsui No Hadou

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    Re: Showdown- Jin Kazama VS Ryu

    I'm going to be boring about this and refer to their move lists, which, as I see it, work in Jin's favor. Jin could win even if all he did was to grapple

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I do recall Jin having an aerial maneuver that can avoid the Hadouken

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