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Thread: Shows | Channels

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    Shows | Channels

    Hello fellow AO members~!

    I'm surprised that television shows are so separate in topics here. Though useful in specifying posts, it tends to shorten the lifespan on topics, so I've decided to make this topic~!

    So fellow members,
    • What television shows do you watch / used to watch / plan to watch?
    • If you stopped watching a show: is there a reason why you stopped?
    • Do you have a favorite channel/network?
    • What genre of shows do you prefer?
    And most importantly:
    • WHY? (/explain your posts)

    Feel free to only talk about only a handful of shows at a time, so you can better explain each one while not flooding the thread with gigantic posts. Have a nice day~!

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    Re: Shows | Channels

    My channel is comedy central. I love comedy sitcoms! My favourite is scrubs because its hillarious and its got some serious points like life lessons and stuff.
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    Re: Shows | Channels

    So I like a small selection of television shows... I'm not big on TV but when I need something to numb my brain, I guess it works best xD

    First would be America's Next Top Model. For everything about it xD And next would be Ace of Cakes on the Food Network Channel. I LOVE GEOFF *drool* And I also like What Not To Wear on TLC, and Family Guy. And really anything interesting on the History Channel.

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    Re: Shows | Channels

    Awesome thread Darling~

    okay, mah favorite channels are Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, History Channel, and Cartoon Network! most times i like to learn when i watch TV, but Cartoon Network is for the relaxing!

    as for favorite shows... Survivorman, River Monsters, DogTown, Ace of Cakes, various Cooking shows/competitions, Deadliest Catch, stuff like that! mostly becuz they feature tough people going out and doing tough things, or how to make delicious home recipes that are easy on the wallet! or about how wonderful dogs are~

    as for why those kinds of shows are my favorite... cuz the people have traits that i would like to include in my own person, so watching them in action helps that along~

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    Re: Shows | Channels

    What do I watch . . .
    Sports (tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball predominantly and not in that order)
    House - he's funny he's smart, he's sarcastic, he gets all the really interesting cases and it makes you think
    Law & Order: SVU - the content and subject matter combined with the intensity of the situations make for a very in depth drama that draw you in.
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent - not so much the cases as the detetictives that work them. Bobby Gorem is one of the most thought provoking characters ever conceived for a show such as this. He's the biggest reason i watch it.
    Medium - I mostly watch it for the music. Well that and because of the theme and I love the characters. And because Joe is . . . stimulating
    Jeopardy - I like to see how smart I am and come up with correct answers before the contestants
    Spongebob Squarepants - one of the funniest things ever
    The Boondocks - funny and thought provoking
    Dexter - one of the coolest things ever,
    Burn Notice - funny, smart, witty, action, and because Michael is practically indestructable
    Smallville - honestly I have no clue why. The plot sucks part of the time. They've deviated so far from Superman's origins i don't know whether to laugh or sang my praises cause I hate Superman and this'll hopefulyl bring his ratings and overall popularity down. The only good thing is that Tom Welling is hotter than lava, some of the other good guys are equally hot, and that's about it.

    There are a ton of shows I used to watch. I don't watch them anymore either because they either stopped airing or the series ended.
    Stuff like Reboot, Crossing Jordan, Invader Zim, Pirates of Darkwater, Jabber Jaw, Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo (and not that crap they air nowadays), Johnny Bravo, Wacky Racers, Bobby's World, Tazmanian Devil Show, Eek!, The Animaniacs, New York Undercover, Space Ghost, Detention, Tarzan The Animated Series, Hong Kong Phooey, Josie & The Pussycats, The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show (I loved the fractured fairytales), Swat Katz, The Zeta Project, The Adventures of Batman (completely different fromt he crap they air nowadays), The Teen Titans, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Top Cat, Dastardly and Muttley, The Tex Avery Show, Charlie Brown, Roseanne (i love that show so much), Dark Wing Duck, Godzilla, Recess, Pepper Ann, Braceface, Charmed, and a few others. Yes I am a giant kid. Always have been always will be.
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    Re: Shows | Channels

    I watch the lifetime channel a lot because they play The Golden Girls & Frasier.

    Also watch Cartoon Network (which I used to watch all the time, however they have gone down hill), on Saturday nights for the anime.

    I watch the Disney channel sometimes when I hate the world. Because Disney shows are light hearted, funny, and uplifting. Wizzards of Waverly place, its a funny show, plus Alex reminds me of me! Infact she is like the yonger version of me.

    Sci Fi I watch Ghost Hunters sometimes, usually they don't find any ghostly activities, so I have stopped watching it.

    ABCFM, I watch Greek every Monday night.

    USA, I watch Burn Notice, I love spies.

    I used to watch the Office Thursday nights, but now I work on Thursday nights.

    In the shows I used to watch catergory, they don't play them anymore, or I have seen every episode. Shows I used to watch were Reboot (I love Reboot, one of my favorite shows ever!) Dark Angel, Pirates of Darkwater, Pinky and The Brain, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Aladdin, Gargolyes, Inspector Gadget, Gross Pointe, She Spies, Star Trek: Next generation/ Voyager/ Deep Space Nine, Dead Like Me, FireFly, Farscape, Red Dwarf, Lexx, SNL, Moonlight, Project Runway, Sentienel, Will & Grace, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, What I Like About You, Veronica Mars, My Name is Earl, Absolutely Fabulous, Cash Cab, X-Effect, The Fifth Wheel, Elimidate, and many others that I can't remember right now.

    I like funny shows, or spacey shows in general.
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    Re: Shows | Channels

    Haven't watched television in a long time, but once I get hold of copies, I intend to continue The Shield, though. Gotta love Vic Mackey's brand of dirty justice. I mean the way he roughs up gangsters and such to get the job done.

    Dexter, too. Not your typical vigilante show. A serial killer who preys only on serial killers and other criminals. Now, what's not to like?

    As for animation, I intend to watch some Mike Judge shows, both classic and new. Think Beavis and Butt-head and The Goode Family.
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    Re: Shows | Channels

    What television shows do you watch / used to watch / plan to watch? - i used to watch
    ghost hunters on sci-fi channel but you nver really saw anything real creepy so i got board and stopped watching it.

    i plan to watch the weather channle because there doing a specail on twisters and i love the weather
    If you stopped watching a show: is there a reason why you stopped? - i stopped watching sevral shows because i get board easy there really nothing on tv really.
    the weather is the only thing intresting to watch right now on tv.

    Do you have a favorite channel/network? the weather channle is my favorite right now
    then there the sci-fi channle but the ewather channle is better for odd reasons.

    What genre of shows do you prefer? i like action shows like A-Team or star trek
    or shipped wrecked on an island typ of show like lost if anyone has heard of the
    show. i have a pattern of likeing things that are sad or tragic because anything else just seems to bore me
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