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Thread: Significant Game

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    Re: Significant Game

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post

    UGH... I think a lot of people are confusing "pretentous" and "self-important" with "significant".

    A great deal of breakthroughs have been made in gaming... and very few of them involve preachy allusion-heavy storylines with cheap dramatic moments and very little in the way of actual gameplay. Gamers have proved time and time again that a series can have the best storyline EVER... but if it has no gameplay to back it up: they don't care.

    Maybe that's why most gamers who played Xenosaga spent more time throwing the cd against the wall out of movie-watching ennui than pushing any buttons (accounting for about 20 minutes of each game's runtime).

    Even viewed as a "film" -- Xenosaga is dense with technobabble, hard to follow, full of cliches and black and white charicatures, overlong, and derivative of everything from Card Captor Sakura to Star Wars.

    If it had made it to theatres as that 20+ hour bloated monster mess (or even as a 4 hour cut-down mess), critics would DESTROY it.

    Asian game-makers LOVE to throw in random religious and mythological names and words. They appear everywhere and in just about everything. Rarely do any of the references used actually apply to the original meaning or context. Example: Ragnarok Online contains massive amounts of references to Norse mythology, Christianity, Japanese/Chinese/Korean mythology, etc. That doesn't mean any of it applies to the importance or emotional impact of the game at all. It's still a game about levelling up, hacking monsters to death and showing off your equipment to other characters.

    Some great dramatic games that weren't specifically designed to seem more "important" than they are: Shadow Hearts(PS2), Megami-Tensei (PC), Persona 2 (Playstation), Suikoden (Playstation), the Gabriel Knight series (PC), Final Fantasy VI (SNES/SF), Final Fantasy X (Playstation), The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess (Wii), Phantasy Star IV (Genesis/MS), Valkyrie Profile (SNES/SF), Galerians (Playstation), Metal Gear Solid (Playstation), Shadow of the Collosus (Playstation 2), ICO (Playstation 2)

    Games are supposed to be FUN. I'm fine with drama, as long as it doesn't destroy the fun.
    very nicely put as always Tsu, games are meant to be fun escapes from the real world - hopfully a method to release some steam in a non-lethal manner. But i think with the way games are going, with much longer time to play each game versus the original Final Fantasy *huge FF fan* there is going to inevitably be more moral issues dealt with and what is "good" versus "evil".

    @everyone who said Xenogears, i've never played it as i haven't had much time, but i want to sooo badly!

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    Re: Significant Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Renn View Post
    Hmmmm...yeah Kingdom Hearts was a good game. The storyline was the great and the meaning and what it was about was awsome!!!! Its a very good game in all. Although this has brought up another game, I like Wild Arms 4. Very nice game. I like how it focuses around friendship and what your purpose is and other stuff....
    Yeah, Kingdom Hearts was cool. Good gameplay and great story, but I don't think that it was THAT signifigant to many people. In my opinion it's a big hype. People are boosting the game, saying it's one of--or even THE best game ever. I think that's a load of bull.

    Yes. Kingdom Hearts is a good game and yes, I would buy it again; given the option. No! It was not THAT great and most of the feedback I get on the game are from kids--whose opinions I take very lightly.

    It's good to learn morals of friendship, honor all that crap that Squeenix tried to include with it's gameplay, but there are tons of games that cover the same topics using a different medium.

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    Re: Significant Game

    Yeah there are a lot of games out there that are better. I would go for any game the RPG. They are good games. I have played others beside RPG and they are good too. Dead or Alive is good. Also Tom Clancly: Splinter Cell was a good game too.(although i didn't play it. I watched my brother.) Yes there are quite a few games other than i ones i said are significant too......

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    Re: Significant Game

    ^_^ one that was very profound for me was Okami! it was the only game where i had fun just running around!

    sure, it was beautiful, but i loved the vibrance of the characters! they all felt like people you could look up or people you could despise with your whole heart! heroes were heroes! damsels in distress turned out to be kick awesome sake brewers that helped you defeat the villanous (spelling?) Orochi! and all with a little bug guy who makes funny saying to VERY (though artfully) scantily clad women!

    ^___^ and you could feed kitties! and puppies! and foxes! and birds! and bunnies! who wouldn't want to play a game like that!

    oh, and i always enjoy games that talk about faith and aren't such douche bags about it!

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    Re: Significant Game

    I would have to say fable.

    Its is one of the best games i have played.You ether pick the path of good or the path of evil,by your actions in the game.Which is very true for real life as well a quote come to mind after typing that ( You reap what you sow ).

    The game play for this is very good,You can customize your character how you want.Chose the path of good or evil,get married,buy a house ect ..... Just one interesting game all around, recommended if no one has played it.

    A little synopsis on it: You play as the young boy Hero who has recently lost his family in a rad on his village, Or so he thought.You get taking in by a old family friend and is show the way of the heroes and trained to become one along side a young girl named wisper.The cations you make way heavily on the out come of which side you end up on The side of Good or Evil.Thats all i say before i throw the hole story out there.

    Site for fable Fable if you want to know more.

    Another ill throw in for the heck of it is Shadow Of The Colossus.

    This games has to be one of the most stunning games i have ever played.The environment alone is spectacular and game play for it is excellent as well.

    A little synopsis on it
    : You play as a young man named Wander,how has to travel across the land searching for sixteen of the colossi.To kill the colossi you must scale them and find there week point and attack it with out getting thrown off.To find them you must raise your sword in to the sun lite which shows that way to the next colossi.All this to resurrect a girl named "Mono" girl.

    Official site for the game PlayStation.com if you would like to know more.
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    Re: Significant Game

    A game that touched me and left something behind, eh? I'm surprised BioShock hasn't been mentioned... How it touched me? It got me interested in Ayn Rand, George Orwell, and the 50s. What it's made me aim for... I guess to just read (or reread, in some cases) a few of Rand's and Orwell's works, and to research a bit of the social issues of the 50s, the flame of the curiosity of the 50s getting re-ignited.

    And Tsurara is right... A lot of games filled with drama are tailored just to... be crammed with as much drama as it can. This is just my opinion, but the best dramatic games out there are the ones whose drama actually improves the gameplay, and not just the "glam", you know what I'm sayin'? [/Will Smith impression]... A game that you just, absolutely, cannot leave the context and the drama out without doing a significant blow to the fun factor. Like if you took out Sin from Final Fantasy X, or the audio diaries from BioShock. The whole think goes kapluui —I have no idea how to spell it in the "English" way 【^^;】—, doesn't it?
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    Re: Significant Game

    persona 3

    for the simple reason that it reflected the lifestyle of a large fraction of the gaming crowd that included me-the teens, the young adults, and the students. well of course the "slashing abominations at night" element of the game is a diff'rent thing.....

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    Re: Significant Game

    I'm really surprised no one has said anything about The Sims series.

    Its the best selling game of all time, I personally own every Sims game made for the PC (With the exception of the "Stories" collection). But I would stay away from the Console versions though, as they tend to be lackluster at best.

    Zyta, you spoke of Elderscrolls as giving a humans a chance to be what ever they want too in a virtual world.

    The Sims lets you do just that.

    In The Sims 2, you can manage the lives of up to 8 sims (and/or 6 pets) at a time from birth till death. You can send them to University (Sims 2 University), have them open their own business (Sims 2 Open For Business), send them out on Dates (Sims 2 Nightlife), have pets (Sims 2 Pets), let them go skating on a frozen pond or jump in piles of leaves (Sims 2 Seasons), send them on vacations to places all across the world (Sims 2 Bon Voyage), and pretty soon, let them pursue hobbies in their spare time (Sims 2 Free Time which is coming out a the end of February).

    And until Spore comes out (Made by the same people who created The Sims), The Sims series will be the best "Sandbox" game ever.

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