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Thread: Significant Game

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    Re: Significant Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Hantei16 View Post
    persona 3

    for the simple reason that it reflected the lifestyle of a large fraction of the gaming crowd that included me-the teens, the young adults, and the students. well of course the "slashing abominations at night" element of the game is a diff'rent thing.....
    Ah yes i wonder if i said this already...but never the less, its a good game!!! I love the scenes and i finally saw the end.... It was so sad. but i hear they are going to make another of Persona 3 but it will be different, same characters and other stuff.... Yes it is different game from the others i played.^^

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    Re: Significant Game

    Quote Originally Posted by aceman67 View Post
    I'm really surprised no one has said anything about The Sims series.

    And until Spore comes out (Made by the same people who created The Sims), The Sims series will be the best "Sandbox" game ever.
    Ah yes, the Sims... I remember that game. It was the first time I had ever killed someone in a fire... Good times, good times. Yeah, I killed the Newbie family.

    That game really let my architectural and landscaping creativity out wild. Before playing the game, I never knew I had the ability to design good houses, and that really impacted my life. Now and then, I still sketch "blueprints" of the estates I want to construct. This may be my great-grandfather's genes talking, but hey, praise the Sims!

    Oh, I also credit that game with giving me my first memory of drowning a person... I just wanted a blue ghost, don't give me those funny looks.
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    Re: Significant Game

    Kingdom hearts...somehow it kind realates to my real life when sora left his home town and got seperated to his friends....

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