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so it's a PS3-exclusive? lame.

i do like where the series is going tho, and how they continue to define the characters more deeply. i don't think many capcom stars might appear as soul calibur outfits its characters with weapons. it would seem very unreal to have ken block a hit from yunsung and not have bloody wrists.
also for the no's might be KOF (also a pop. fighting series) but i could see select marvel characters being added.

however they might expand and put other namco characters in, such as i-ninja or fayt linegod etc.
Well, yeah it is only for the PS3 and also for the Xbox360 which are totally different add on characters. And you think there may not be additional characters for this Trilogy, well you may be right but not correct entitling because in my case i just took a sneak peak and there are various surprises that i cannot spoil. I have many oppurtunities into guessing who is in and who is simply changing places as in from light turning into darkness. KOF will only have about a few characters entering soon but in the near future i guess.