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Thread: Soundtracks

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    Re: Soundtracks

    I recommend neon Genesis evangelion the complete S-2 soundtrack. Gundam wing is excellent as is basilisk.

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    Re: Soundtracks

    I wish I had the soundtrack to "Shes the Man" which is also one of my favorite movies. I like the soundtrack because its fast paced, and upbeat. Its got that "dirty little secret" song that was popular in a lot of movies at that time. Its got a lot of good songs in the movie.

    I don't own any soundtracks though.

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    Re: Soundtracks

    Disgaea Custom Soundtrack.
    Chosen by the Fans online, for the fans.
    People who bought Disgaea 3 at a game store got it free ^_^
    Including me.
    Has some of the best music from the series.
    Planet X, Running Fire...ah, Classics. Any Disgaea or Nippon Ichi fan I totally reccommend it.  689
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    Re: Soundtracks

    The Twilight movie soundtrack. It is a fantastic soundtrack with great music except the third song. That is besides the point.

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    Re: Soundtracks

    I own:
    Biohazard Symphony: Crime & Punishment because I really love the music from Resident Evil Director's Cut even though it's this cheesy 90s synth orchestra.
    Planet Terror because it's 70s synth stuff is totally rad as well as the rock stuff that amazes me.
    Death Proof because I was mainly looking for one song, but got into the whole thing. I'm not a big funk guy, but it's good.
    Kill Bill vol. 1 because that whole soundtrack is just awesome.
    Wing Commander: Prophecy because the industrial band line up is rather impressive!
    Donnie Darko because it's really creepy and calm and... I dunno I just love it except for the crappy Mad World cover.
    Mortal Kombat and I'm talking the game soundtrack done by the Immortals, it's so cheesy, but so awesome!
    Star Wars original trilogy because all the original trilogy movies were awesome as well as their soundtracks... I have all three of them.

    If there's any other Mortal Kombat game soundtracks I might pick those up along with the Road Rash 3D soundtrack and MAYBE the Duke Nukem soundtrack, but I don't know. Oh I got to get the REPO! The Genetic Opera soundtrack! That one was awesome! So was the movie.
    I recommend all of these soundtracks that I have, they are truely great. Specifically Wing Commander: Prophecy and the Star Wars original trilogy soundtracks, those are my favs.

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    Re: Soundtracks

    I think my most prized soundtrack is my Kiss of the Dragon soundtrack. That movie had such a wide variety of genre and sounds and lyrical content that is is perfect for just about any mood I'm in. Plus it has a majority of some of my faovirte artists or favorite kinds of music. We've got electronica, a little reggae, and some soft mellow stuff so I can crank it without annoying my roomies.
    It's perfect.

    I'm not sure if Samurai Champloo has a soundtrack but I do have a mix disc of all the songs featured throughout the series and it's very lovely. It's more up there with smooth jazz, folk, and maybe even a little pop. It's light, upbeat, easy on the ears, and relaxing overall.

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    Re: Soundtracks

    i don't own many movie sountrack but i got a complete soundtrack from bleach,naruto and some initial d...really like those soundtrack...energetic...well,some of them are really touching but i more really like the energetic and funky ones...if you guys like energetic and kinda techno,i recommended initial d...

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    Re: Soundtracks

    i do own OSTs of certain animes i have watched:
    GunGrave, .hack//S.I.G.N., Samurai Champloo, Gun X Sword and One Piece .. i cant remember of anything else, i checked my playlist, but i didnt see anything else

    and WHY?:
    cuz the animes above have impressed me with something
    gungrave - story and OST
    .hack//S.I.G.N. - story and OST
    samurai champloo - battles, last episode and the opening and ending theme
    gun x sword - story and OST
    One Piece - story and OST

    now im thinking of finding a downloadable Death Note OST, but ive watched it an year ago so i dont remember the OST wether it was ordinary or good

    p.s. i have to say that naruto has boring OST, mostly pupming up melodies for battles, i wasnt impressed - nor story, nor ost

    p.s.2 about a locked topic about samurai champloo being a "waste of time" in my opinion there isnt an anime out there that is a waste of time
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