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Thread: South Park and other parodies, How far is too far?

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    Re: South Park and other parodies, How far is too far?

    as the time goes forward the gold age of tv melts in to broze mess of paid programs and sinacated shows and old moives or orgianal stuff made only for that network.. We need more anime channels

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    Re: South Park and other parodies, How far is too far?

    As with anything in the history of anything:

    This is a matter of personal choice.

    From the time you picks up the remote all the way until the remote is put away, only one thing is certain:

    What you watch will be interesting and self-relevant

    Those statements can be challenged when concerning children or other mentally immature people, however the continued use of these shows will either become a personal habit formed out of choice and preferance, or the person will adopt a show more suiting to themselves.

    No one is doubting the usefullness of censoring information to protect children/etc. however I ask you,

    How much it to much?

    Canadians enjoy a better sex life than Americans in various ways. Canadians have more sexual partners and engage in sex more frequently than out southern neighbors; furthermore Canadian teens suffer from less STI's and the rate of teenage pregnancy is lower.

    This is due to the liberal views expressed in sexual education regarding all age groups and intelligence levels. There is little censorship in the class room and this has led to people being more responsible in their sexual mishaps simply because they have the information and are choosing to make responsible decisions.


    I am sexist, racsist, prejudiced, I have discriminated against people and practised ageism however if people became offended it was their own doing. I never meant for these things to be seen as some kind of judgement; however, those kinds of statements have become loaded with negative implications.

    Very recently somone told me that they have only ever funny Canadians.

    I can't say this for everyone in Canada but the people I know are very lighthearted and integrate these negative aspects of behavior into their lives very well. There is no reason any more to fly off the handle when "the n-word" is spoken because so many pepole say it. I don't feel guilty when I say French people smell like cheese.

    True or not at the root of censorship is someone's desire to control the environment and circumstance to their personal opinions which may not apply to the masses.

    South Park has it's moments but usually there's just a little too much on the plate for me, yet I found it absolutely hilarious when the voice actor for Chef quit the show the moment the said a word against Scientology.

    See, he's one of them sillies who literally bought in to the Scientology thing. He didn't have any qualms about bashing other religions yet when his own took the stage..

    Hypocrisy lives!
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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