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Thread: star skull disgaea help!

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    star skull disgaea help!

    help how do i unlock star skull in disgaea i tried to capture a lvl 34 star skull but that bastard killed my lvl 375 laharl atk 9437 def 4957 etc. and lvl 160 etc. it's i can't find it on neoseeker anymore so i am asking you plz help...one more thing where can i watch the last episode of disgaea they have deleted it in youtube...
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    Re: star skull disgaea help!

    A Star Skull!? You should be able to unlock higher classes for a unit by leveling up the others. I believe that to get a Star Skull that you'd have to level up the Red, Blue, and Green skulls...I dont remember to what level though, I think it was like 50~60 or higher. Also I'm not sure if the chars' staff lvl or spell lvl had to be something too. -_-;

    As for the Disgaea ep...just start buying the DVD!! XD Its coming out next month!! (In the US anyway...)
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