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What?! wait wait wait... He was in a horrible car accident? wow... Did not know that... thanks for telling... Hmm double eh? Well let's try and look at his older work's style and this latest of his.. 1408... (it is the latest right? )

Ooh!! dreamcatcher~! Watched that... it was sick.. yuck... god everywhere was filled with red... thingy... that movie was with a nice imagination.. the part where he showed the character being trapped in his mind after body being taken over..that's brilliant...

Hearts in Atlantis.. never seen that...

Yeah.. o.O it was quite nice... i can still remember certain scenes in 1408... a brilliant movie.. ^^
From what I read, he was jogging, and a driver (in a truck, I think) struck him. They left him there for dead, and fled the scene. Another driver came by and found him. He was on deaths door, but somehow survived. He was pretty messed up, and in the hospital for a long time.

I hear that is why he put his house in Florida up for sale.

Hearts was a very good movie. I think Anthony Hopkins played the old man in the movie. No where near as gory as his usually are. It was a very good movie though. The books are always better though.

He is brilliant, and has talent to no ends. Sometimes you have to wonder, what makes some writers the way they are. How much of it is just pure imagination, and how much of it is based in something that creates this sort of imagination.