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Thread: Streets of Rage

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    Streets of Rage

    Ahh, the good ol' days of Sega Genesis! ^_^

    Anybody remember that game? I've been sittin' at my friend's house playin' the entire series of games (all three of 'em). I LOVE those games!! I remember bein' excited everytime Sega released a new 'Streets of Rage' title. I've beaten all three of them and even played with Shiva on 'Streets of Rage 3'.

    The gameplay is awesome and I personally think that all three games are comparable to the 'Final Fight' series of games. I remember bein' able to hook up Sega Master System controllers to my Genesis to play the first 'Streets of Rage' at his house because, he didn't have an extra controller, LOL. What I love most about 'Streets of Rage' games is the music. High paced hip-hop/R&B tracks mostly. My cousin and I used to rap over certain BGM in the games, LOL.

    What do you think of 'Streets of Rage'? Who's your favorite character (from any of the three)? Adam was cool in the first one, Axel was pretty awesome in the second and third games--Blaze kicks ass in all three. ^_^ I think Shiva would be my favorite though. When you get to play as him in 'Streets of Rage 3', he is so awesome! I've like Shiva since I seen him in the second game. He's a great fighter and he's really cool in my opinion.

    I think they should make a version of that series of games for the next gen consoles!

    What about you guys?
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    Re: Streets of Rage

    Have you heard about this: SorR project ?
    It's very interesting to see someone still working on the series with that much passion.

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