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Thread: Studio Ghibli's RPG Ni no Kuni to be released for the DS and PS3!

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    Studio Ghibli's RPG Ni no Kuni to be released for the DS and PS3!

    For fans of Turn Base RPG and Ghibli Films there will be an RPG Ni no Kuni for the DS and PS3. <3
    It seems like it plays a little like Pokemon, but I'm really excite, the graphics look just like the animations!
    Click for ingame screenshot v
     click to show spoiler

    Cinematic Screenshot

    Ni no Kuni Trailer for the PS3

    The player assumes the role of a 13 year-old boy named Oliver, a resident of Hotroit city whose mother Arie dies suddenly. A doll previously given to Oliver by his mother reveals itself to be a male fairy named Shizuku, who gives Oliver a magic book that allows him to go to the world of "Ninokuni," a reality parallel to his own, where the fairy states the boy may be able to revive his mother. There he encounters alternate versions of people he knows.
    The DS version Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madōshi will be released Dec, 2010, but the PS3 version Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joō won't be released until 2011.

    Source: RPGamer- Ni no Kuni : The Another Story
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