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Thread: Suckers for movies. the A-list.

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    Suckers for movies. the A-list.

    I love Foreign movies. The fav. list.

    Storm Riders, The Duel, Savior to the Soul 1&2, Kung-fu Hustle, Musa The Warrior, Curse of the Golden Flower, Bride with White Hair 1&2, Fearless, Fulltime Killer, Dynamite Warrior, The Protector, The Warrior of Ong-Bak, Street Angels, Young and Dangerous 3, The Black Sheep Affair, Shoulin Kids, House of Flying Daggers, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, City of Violence, Death Trance, Alive, Ayumi 1&2, Versus, Basball, Cuckoo.
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    Re: Suckers for movies. the A-list.

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    To quote the Forum Rules...
    We are trialling the re-introduction of favourite threads. You can now ask about other's favourites, however you MUST EXPLAIN WHY IT'S YOUR FAVOURITE!

    Simply posting a name/title and declaring it's your favourite is nothing more than a list post. List posts are still not allowed. That is, posts that comprise of no explanation as to why you chose a certain favourite.
    Please read the Forum Rules located here... Anime Online - FAQ: GENERAL RULES:

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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