Old favorite Final Smash: Ike's. I was a fan of Fire Emblem, and to see him use that on other Nintendo characters was simply awesome.

Favorite Final Smash to USE (currently) :
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EASIEST Final Smash to use: Snake's. If you know how to time things correctly and trick your opponents into jumping into one (aim in front of them, they'll usually flip backwards), then you can combo them all the way to their smash...

Coolest Final Smash to Watch:
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well i got it of the net my bro bought it it was the usa ver then we needed to buy a freeloader for it for the wii but its cool nows we got it workin ^^

my fave char at the moment is PIT!!!!! AGHHH ^^ hehe hes awesome
Congratulations! If you need a Wi-Fi opponent, PM me, I'm on every once in a while.