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@Raimann, lol, it's definitely great to see another expert perhaps now we can have a few more sports threads to discuss with. Anyways, hopefully Manning will play with a healed thumb, and Bears get to have Tank Johnson to go to Miami to play. Otherwise I would hate it for people to say what if this, and what if that.

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thx pyo for the love, and i just showed that silverskater145 isnt the only one thats the expert. and manning will play with a healed finger, because ive heard that manning is using a tiny incubation chamber (yes you read that right) for his finger. may i remind you that a tiny incubation chamber, even used for a week, still is costly. and tank johnson will have fun with the defense as long as dwight freeny is taken well by the left guard, but if not, tank and grossman will have some trouble. and i wait here, happily pondering the responce to my post by silver. and lol @ pyo for reading everything :P

Silverskater isn't an expert, he just thinks he knows everything. People who think they know everything should know that they really know nothing.

As for my prediction, it still stands, banged up finger or not. We'll see how the game goes, though.